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Dayly Calendar

A radically simple calendar for tracking activities and events.

I wanted to track my cross-training workouts. But most tracking apps frustrate me: they ask me to spend time entering far too many details for casual use. That’s fine for some people (I track my running in great detail using a dedicated app), but I just want to put a mark on a calendar when I finish my yoga, and look back to see how often I did it.

So I created Dayly.

Dayly is an ultra simple calendar for tracking activities and events.

Use Dayly to track daily activities or recurring events with a single tap. For everyday use, you’re in and out in seconds. A clean and simple calendar shows your past entries at a glance.

You will love Dayly for:


Thanks to the beta testers, whose time and feedback were invaluable: Matt Bertrand, Denise Gerski, Wren Keber, and Heather Ostrander. Thanks to Stephen Schenk and John Mohrbacher for writing and producing an excellent original soundtrack for the demo videos. Thanks most of all to my wife, Valerie, for her constant support and insight during the long road to the App Store.